Sutherlandia (“Cancer bush”) in athletes

Sutherlandia flowers

Overview & History

Sutherlandia (“cancer bush”) is a unique South African herb.

It has a centuries-long history of use by all people groups in South Africa. They used it to boost strength (for example, before going to war), cope with grief (losing a loved one), overcome infections (it was widely used during the 1918 flu epidemic) and as a topical product for wound healing.

Currently, it is often used by patients with HIV, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue. Sutherlandia is also gaining popularity among otherwise healthy people as a general adaptogen to cope with chronic stress. In high doses, it has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac by both sexes.


From research and clinical reports, Sutherlandia is known to assist with:
* Healthy muscle,growth and repair, especially heart muscle;
* immune system function; and
* a healthy, stable blood glucose level.

Athletes using Sutherlandia report the following benefits:

* Improved strength (1-2 months of use)
* Improved endurance (2-3 months of use)
* Improved muscle to fat ratio
* Fewer muscle- and tendon-related injuries
* Faster healing time after injury
* Fewer upper respiratory tract inections

Typical dosage

600 – 1000 mg per day, in the morning, as a tablet or a tea


Due to its suspected effects on the balance of sex hormones, we do not recommend using Sutherlandia during pregnancy, or by those attempting to fall pregnant (unless under the clear guidance of a qualified health practitioner).

For the same reason, it is not recommended to be used for prolonged periods by children or teenagers. As a general guideline, one month of treatment for children below 12 years old and three months of treatment for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old seem to be safe. Please consult a qualified health practitioner about longer periods of use.

Where to get Sutherlandia?

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Please note: The above is supplied as information only. No claim of diagnosis, treatment or cure is made. Always consult your health practitioner first before taking a new therapy, including herbal remedies.

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